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Movies to Watch in the Summer

27 Movies You Should Watch This Summer For the Ultimate Staycation

Movies to Watch in the Summer
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Summer is officially here. And while we're big fans on putting on a great swimsuit, cranking one of the many songs of summer, and soaking up every ray of the sun, we're also pretty big fans of staying inside next to a fan and watching a movie that perfectly captures all the best parts of the season. Add in some snacks — ice lolly, anyone? — and you've got a movie marathon fit for the hottest days.

There are movies with sprawling ensemble casts like "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants" and "Mamma Mia!" There are also movies that capture the moments just before summer holiday begins, like "Booksmart," "Dazed and Confused," and "Eighth Grade." Some movies even lean into summertime heartbreak like "Aftersun," while others are heavy with the comedy, like "Heartbreakers." Satisfy your craving for nostalgia with "The Parent Trap" or "Holiday in the Sun," or take a mini-holiday without ever leaving your couch and watch "Luca" or "Roman Holiday." If romance is more your speed, however, there are, of course, two "Dirty Dancing" movies, and they always deserve a summertime rewatch.

Ahead, here are 27 summer movies to add to your watch list for another long, hot summer.

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