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Netflix's Secret Obsession Review and Spoilers

Secret Obsession: I Watched Netflix's So-Bad-It's-Good Thriller, and It's a Wild Ride

As a thriller junkie, as soon as I saw the title Secret Obsession show up in my Netflix queue on a particularly rainy evening prime for such a film, I instantly knew I had my plans for the night locked in. After doing a quick Google search — and my run-of-the-mill IMDb scan — I downed a large amount of CBD oil, pressed play, and settled in. Starring Brenda Song, whom Disney kids might recognise from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, the movie's description immediately made me think of Enough. (Remember that 2002 flick where Jennifer Lopez has to take her abusive ex-husband head-on? A classic!) In hindsight, I was not that far off.

Despite having a tremendously unrealistic storyline — which involves a woman breaking out of a bedroom several times with a bobby pin — this movie is pure gold. Is the plot predictable? Sure. Are there some cringey acting moments? Most definitely. But is there a better way to unwind and relax after work than by enjoying a movie you don't have to think too hard about? Absolutely not. If you haven't seen Secret Obsession yet, you're 100 percent missing out. And I'm prepared to tell you why ahead. Just be warned: major spoilers for the ending of Secret Obsession to follow!

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