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Is The Office Leaving Netflix?

Hold All Our Calls — Twitter Thinks The Office Is Leaving Netflix

Our postwork routine is pretty solid: we whip up one of our favourite easy dinners and then we sit on the couch and watch a random episode of The Office to help us unwind. It's a necessary part of our bustling workweek, so you can imagine our shock and confusion when we heard rumours that The Office might be leaving Netflix.

Here's what we know.

On May 30, Twitter user @hannahboucher_ tweeted a picture of The Office's Netflix page, which indicated the show would only be available until Jan. 1.

The tweet was retweeted nearly 2,500 times, and the Twitter community immediately made its frustration with the rumour known.

While this might be just a rumour, we have no chill when it comes to a potential Netflix departure of one of our favourite shows. The Office leaving Netflix would leave us just as heartbroken as Michael Scott's departure from the show, and the fear of abandonment is so real.

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However, upon investigation, we're confident we have nothing to worry about. Back in 2017, a similar rumour hit the internet, and Netflix was quick to use Michael Scott himself to dissolve the rumour:

And, thankfully, Netflix stepped up again to put this year's rumour to rest with one perfect tweet:

So, there's no need to worry, Office fans, we can continue to gaze like Jim at Pam into the vast future. And Twitter, don't scare us like that again.

Image Source: NBC
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