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How to Book a Stay at Fairmont's Barbie Dream Suite

I Stayed at the Fairmont's Barbie Dream Suite — and Yes, It's as Instagram-Worthy as I'd Hoped

How to Book a Stay at Fairmont's Barbie Dream Suite
Image Sources: Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and Citizen North

I don't quite remember my first Barbie, but what I do remember is that I went through a lot of them as a kid. And I mean a lot. Mainly because I was hellbent on giving them the perfect layered haircut, and as a result, they all turned into "Weird Barbies."

But despite all the bad haircuts, Barbie will forever be a bright spot in my childhood, a time when I had no worries and life was seemingly perfect. Now, as an adult, I was able to once again experience the magic of Barbie when I recently visited the Barbie Dream Suite at Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth in Montreal, Canada.

Almost immediately after stepping foot inside the Barbie Dream Suite, I was transported back to when my cousin and I would sit in the middle of my grandmother's living room playing Barbies. Only now I was the Barbie in Barbie Land.

The Barbie Dream Suite is unlike anything I've ever experienced before. From the pink-hued utensils in the kitchenette to the vintage Barbies displayed in the dining room and the old-school Barbie Fashion Doll Case displayed on the countertop, every detail is a treat thoughtfully curated by Fairmont and Mattel. Walking through the suite felt like taking a nostalgic walk down memory lane — there is truly something for everyone to marvel over.

The suite is part of Fairmont Hotels and Resorts' Beyond LIMITS experiences, a series of adventures exclusively designed for Fairmont properties around the world. Through Beyond LIMITS, guests can enjoy a variety of experiences in the official Barbie suite, from an Instagram-worthy tea party to a fun-filled pyjama soirée. I, for one, highly recommend the latter.

Additionally, guests can get a taste of what it's like to live like Barbie (or Ken) by sipping on Barbie-inspired cocktails at Fairmont's Nacarat bar and grabbing some desserts at the Barbie Sweets Shoppe at Marché Artisans. Afternoon tea is also available at the hotel's Rosélys Restaurant every Saturday.

The Barbie Dream Suite is available now exclusively at Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth in Montreal until Monday, 30 Sep. 2024 for up to four guests.

Get ready to step inside the fabulous world of Barbie and learn more about the Dream Suite ahead.

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