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Behind Her Eyes Star Eve Hewson on Jimmy Fallon

Behind Her Eyes Star Eve Hewson: "I've Been Googling Myself Nonstop"

Eve Hewson appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on 25 Feb. and had some surprising news to share about her past. "I started a band with my best friend Sorcha Richardson, who's actually a professional singer-songwriter now. When we were 11, we had this band called 10 past 2, which I thought was a genius name because that's the time we got out of school," she told Fallon.

"We played to nobody — our babysitter was our only fan. Our big hit was uh, 'She Only Wants You for Your Money' — it was about a girl using a guy. We were 11, we were talking about real things, it was poetry", the actor joked. "People said we were like the female Beastie Boys", she added.

Hewson stars in Netflix's latest book-to-TV adaptation, Behind Her Eyes, a show that's had viewers in shock after discovering the many twists. "When we made the show, I was kinda like, 'I don't know if people will get this, I think it's cool, and I think it's really weird?' but people just ate it up. Everyone's taken the twist personally, too. They feel personally attacked by this twist. I've been googling myself nonstop, trying to find all the memes", she said.

On the topic of playing Adele, Hewson admitted that she struggled at first to get into character, explaining that "my character gets to some very heightened emotions — there's lots of rage, let's say, that I have to go through, so I was a little bit scared that I wouldn't be able to get there". She told Fallon that "I just came up with this idea one day, and I said 'I just need a baseball bat, and I just wanna smash a pillow before I go into a take', so I had this baseball bat that props would keep for me, and every time I had to go and do an intense scene, I would just whack that thing. It became this strange communal therapy bat that went around the set of Behind Her Eyes".

Image Source: Getty / Rich Polk
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