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Frozen 2 Review and Spoilers

I Watched Frozen 2 as a Kidless Millennial — and Boy, Do I Have Some Questions

Frozen 2 Review and Spoilers
Image Source: Disney

As a 27-year-old parenting editor, I get the enormous pleasure of seeing every cute kids' movie a little bit early. Because I don't have kids yet, I obviously have to do my best to watch movies while keeping both parents and children in mind. Is there anything inappropriate or scary? Will little ones be able to sit through the entire thing? You get the picture.

But recently, while attending an early screening of Frozen 2, I decided to consume the content from the perspective of a kidless millennial: looking past the initial excitement I get from a heavy dose of Disney magic, I have several questions.

Whether you're attending Frozen 2 for the umpteenth time with your family in tow or simply have to see every new Disney movie, here's what ran through my mind as I watched the sweet sequel. And FYI: there are major spoilers ahead, so don't say we didn't warn you!

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