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Marvel Meets The Irishman in This Jimmy Kimmel Live Spoof

Meet Irish Man: a "New" Marvel Superhero and Probably Martin Scorsese's Worst Nightmare

At this point, it's become clear that you won't catch Martin Scorsese waiting in line for Black Widow or revisiting Guardians of the Galaxy on a lazy Sunday. The revered director stirred up quite the debate after likening Marvel movies to theme park rides, and then later clarifying that they couldn't be classified as "cinema" in a New York Times op-ed. But what if he were to spearhead his own Marvel movie? No, that's crazy, just kidding. Unless . . .?

Because he just wants everyone to get along, Jimmy Kimmel recently introduced a crossover between the cinematic franchise and Scorsese's forthcoming Netflix film The Irishman. Featuring a glowing four-leaf clover ring and Al Pacino as The Hulk, it's absolutely bonkers. Enjoy it in all its shoddy CGI glory above.

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