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Watch The Matrix Resurrections Official Trailer

"I Remember This": The Nostalgic Matrix Resurrections Trailer Is Giving Us Major Déjà Vu

Time has been ticking away since Neo and Trinity last delved into the surrealist nightmare world that is The Matrix, but Keanu Reeves is back to blast our minds with nostalgia and suspense in an eerie new trailer for The Matrix Resurrections that was well worth the wait. "We can't see it, but we're all trapped inside these strange, repeating loops," Neo says in a voiceover as he finds himself confronted with a familiar question: will he take the red pill or the blue pill?

Over 30 years since his first venture into the digitised reality, Neo reawakens to a heart-pumping chase through a glitching city, familiar faces and a life-altering decision that threatens his future — in the Matrix and beyond — with Trinity. Spliced scenes straight from the 1999 film, the upcoming movie is packed with enough explosions and cyberpunk chaos to take us right back to the beginning. Neo even held onto his classic kung-fu moves.

Check out the full trailer here and watch The Matrix Resurrections in cinemas and on HBO Max beginning 22 Dec.

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