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15 Fresh and Creative Ways to Style Midi Dresses For Winter

15 Fun and Creative Ways to Turn Your Midi Dresses Into Chic Winter Looks

15 Fresh and Creative Ways to Style Midi Dresses For Winter
Image Source: Getty/Edward Berthelot

Few pieces pack as much day-to-night appeal as the midi dress. The sweet "between the knee and ankle" length makes it optimal for work meetings and evening cocktail parties alike, while the silhouette enables as much freedom as any other dress. You'd be forgiven to think this style can only be worn when temperatures are high. Before you put away your collection, let us show you some fresh and imaginative ways to incorporate a midi dress into your winter wardrobe.

Paired with tall riding boots and a fuzzy coat, a midi dress ensemble will provide warmth and style. Alternatively, a sweater vest will dial up the cosy just as well as a thick cardigan. On lazy days, nothing will feel more comfortable than a midi worn under a knit sweater. The sartorial combinations are truly endless, and you'll feel good for getting the most wear out of your clothes. Styling even your lightest pieces in the winter is only a matter of tasteful layering, and if you could use a dose of inspiration, just scroll on.

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