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What to Wear When It's Hot and Rainy

What to Actually Wear When It's Raining and Sweltering Outside

What to Wear When It's Hot and Rainy
Image Source: Getty / Jacopo Raule

This summer has been quite the season. There's been a historic win for the Lionesses at the Euros, the Prime Minister resigned, and the UK has had record-breaking temperatures. Downpours and storms are now expected this week, but the muggy temperatures are here to stay, which can wreak havoc on your wardrobe.

I once got caught in a downpour wearing wide-leg trousers and sandals on a sticky day in the city and barely lived to tell the tale. So, live and learn. Now, I've made it a personal mission to track down some outfits that are heatwave and rainy-day friendly. Soak up the inspiration, weatherproof your wardrobe, pack a fan (or an umbrella) — and stay stylish!

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