The Brand Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union, and Mindy Kaling Can't Stop Wearing

Autumn Adeigbo made her foray into design around 2016, launching a line of printed dresses while still an assistant at W Magazine. Since then, she's built a significant celebrity following, including stars like Gabrielle Union, Charli D'Amelio, Zooey Deschanel, Florence Pugh, Mindy Kaling, Kerry Washington, Lupita Nyong'o, and Regina Hall.

While they love Adeigbo's signature design aesthetic — think minidresses and jumpsuits in vibrant, romantic prints — celebrities also value the company's ethical business practices. Adeigbo produces her clothing solely at women-run facilities in NYC, where her designs are sewn, and in India, where they are hand beaded by women artisans who are paid fair wages.

What's more, she avoids fabric waste and excess manufacturing with a thoughtful direct-to-consumer approach in delivery. Adeigbo's fabrics are bought in batches, based only on what is ordered through her website or at partner vendors in a given time period. As many fast-fashion brands over produce stock in anticipation of demand, Adeigbo stands out as one of the designers leading the industry toward a more sustainable future.

Courtesy of Autumn Adeigbo

Above: American actress Regina Hall, in the Nara dress, and designer Autumn Adeigbo at a benefit in LA.

After six years in the business, Adeigbo still considers every celebrity placement a pinch-me moment. "I have been watching [them] since I was a teen. I would have never guessed [they] would one day be a part of my life," she told POPSUGAR in March 2021. "To know that [they] saw the brand and gravitated to it like I gravitate to [them] shows me that energy is real."

Ahead, find Adeigbo's favourite celebrity style moments to date.

Kerry Washington Wearing Autumn Adeigbo

Kerry Washington wore Autumn Adeigbo's Alyssa pantsuit on Inauguration Day in January 2021.

"This was a screaming moment for me. I have long been obsessed with Kerry. I still remember the first time I saw her in 'The Last King of Scotland,' and being taken aback by her beauty. I can't believe she is such a strong supporter of our brand because she has been a longtime muse of mine. How iconic that she wore our Alyssa Suit for the Biden inauguration? Our team was floored."

Mindy Kaling Wearing Autumn Adeigbo

Mindy Kaling wore Autumn Adeigbo's Rowenna dress for an L.A. Dance Project gala in October 2021.

"Mindy, where do I start? Such a genius and trailblazer in the world of comedy and entertainment. 'The Office' is actually my favourite show. I've watched it at least nine times all the way through. To say I am honoured that she's also a fan of my talent is an understatement. The comedy of 'The Office' got me through a lot of not-so-fun times of the early days of building my business. Mindy wearing our Rowenna dress takes on an extra special meaning."

Gabrielle Union Wearing Autumn Adeigbo

Gabrielle Union wore Autumn Adeigbo's Maisie jumpsuit to pose for Instagram in May 2021.

"Gabrielle is an inspiration for so many of us. She definitely inspires me. I love to follow along to learn about her adventures in business, travel, and family. She is the definition of the kind of woman I aspire to dress, and become. Our entire community was taken aback by how AMAZING she looked in our Maisie Jumpsuit."

Selma Blair Wearing Autumn Adeigbo

Selma Blair wore Autumn Adeigbo's Della dress on Instagram in April 2021.

"It was such a pleasant surprise when Selma picked our Della dress out and promptly placed it on her social media. I was immediately taken back to her legendary film roles in the '90s (which is, let's be honest, the second best decade next to the '80s). I would've never guessed she would wear one of my pieces. We all appreciate the work she is doing for the MS community."

Zooey Deschanel Wearing Autumn Adeigbo

Zooey Deschanel wore Autumn Adeigbo's Wednesday coat and leopard headband on Instagram in November 2021.

"I am obsessed with Zooey. I used to write to her costume designer on 'New Girl' to see if I could get her one of our pieces. She has that 'je ne sais quoi.' To know that she saw the brand and gravitated to it like I gravitate to her shows me that energy is real."

Jessica Alba Wearing Autumn Adeigbo

Jessica Alba Wearing Autumn Adeigbo

Jessica Alba wore an Autumn Adeigbo headband while out in LA in December 2021.

"I have been a fan of Jessica for a very long time. It has been incredible watching her journey from actress to successful entrepreneur. I love that she wore our AA headband to what looks like a business meeting. We love to accompany our girls on the journey wherever it may lead."

Mila Kunis Wearing Autumn Adeigbo

Mila Kunis Wearing Autumn Adeigbo

Mila Kunis wore Autumn Adeigbo's Farrah cardigan while out in Beverly Hills, CA in January 2022.

"I screamed when I saw this. Like many of the women that gravitate toward our collection, I have been watching Mila since she was a teen. I would have never guessed she would one day be a part of my life. She is one of the most beautiful and talented people, inside and out. What I love about her wearing our Farrah cardigan is that she took her signature style, wearing neutrals, and took it up a notch with the design of the sweater to make it her own. #WeLoveMila."