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Balenciaga Crocs 2.0 Spring 2022 Collaboration Photos

People Are Really Mad About the New Balenciaga Crocs, but I'm Not Afraid of an Ugly Shoe

Balenciaga Crocs 2.0 Spring 2022 Collaboration Photos
Image Source: Balenciaga

If you thought the Balenciaga Platform Crocs of 2017 were um, unexpected, brace yourself for the brands' latest collaboration. The luxury fashion house recently debuted its spring 2022 collection, featuring Balenciaga Crocs 2.0, the popular clogs, this time in the form of heeled mules and chunky rain boots. And while the Internet is unsurprisingly in an uproar over the collection, I have to admit, I'm intrigued. After all, those sky-high platform clogs sold out in pre-orders.

I haven't worn Crocs since the fifth grade (and even then, I wore them, like, to the pool), so I have yet to jump on the resurgence, but the mules have certainly caught my attention. Sure, they're ugly, but so were dad sneakers and Birkenstocks, until society deemed them cool again. Personally, I'm envisioning the green stiletto as a statement shoe for summer, paired with ripped jeans and a simple graphic tee. I don't know if this is my post-pandemic fashion brain talking, but doesn't that sound kind of cute?

My main concern here isn't the aesthetic; it's practicality. Balenciaga managed to make the most sensible shoe . . . not sensible at all! Isn't the obsession with Crocs rooted in the fact that they're so damn comfortable?! On the other hand, the rain boots from the collection, which remind me of a Croc-ified Hunter boot, seem quite comfy and are actually very cute. But relax, everyone, I'm not ready to add Balenciaga Crocs to my cart just yet. Until the collaboration is available to purchase, I'll be studying the photos for a closer look. Check out close-ups and runway shots of the Crocs for yourself ahead.

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