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See Gwen Stefani Wearing a Glitter Outfit on The Today Show

Holy Glitter! Gwen Stefani Performed Her New Song Wearing a "Whatever" Crop Top

Gwen Stefani is back at it again but another colourful outfit. We know that the singer isn't afraid of going all out when it comes to her performance outfits. After all, she did wear a Christmas tree inspired look on The Voice. During her performance on The Today Show, Gwen wore a colourful outfit that was covered with glitter sequins. In fact, she even accessorised with the pair of pink glitter heeled boots.

Gwen took the stage to perform her new single, "Let Me Reintroduce Myself." Her outfit was designed by House of Mua Mua, and the brand's tagline is "For bored billionaires with a sense of humour." She styled a crop top with the word "Whatever" written on it with a rainbow bomber jacket, and low-slung joggers. The sequinned look featured a chevron pattern in multiple colours and it had hearts with words like "Hope" written on it. To bring back the '90s, she wore fishnets leggings under her joggers and let them peak out from above. She also wore two nostalgic belts and styled the look with multiple gold chain necklaces. Now that's one way to make a statement.

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