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Hip Cutout Trend

Hip Cleavage Is Taking Over Hollywood, From Heidi Klum to Lori Harvey

Hip Cutout Trend

While some may simply refer to them as cutouts, there's something to be said for a strategically-placed hole in a dress that circles the area between the waist and hip, just barely revealing the curve of a bum cheek. In our book, this is called hip cleavage, and it's a trend favoured by some of the boldest style icons in Hollywood. Of course, an artfully-designed dress can do all the work for you when it comes to achieving the look, but some stars pull it off with low-rise trousers and skirts, tugging the straps of a high-rise swimsuit or thong up to the waist to highlight a slice of skin in the intended area.

These days, hip cleavage is so common that many '70s-inspired, wide-leg trousers come affixed with thin straps at the centre of the waistband for the wearer to string around and tie at the back, employing makeshift hip cleavage in seconds (Heidi Klum's cow-print bottoms are the perfect example of this). But when it comes to hip cleavage, we most commonly think of looks like Kim Kardashian's Gucci dress, with logofied faux G-String straps or Lori Harvey's asymmetrical Aya Muse number at the Revolve Festival. Really, there are no hard and fast rules for hip cleavage — no cutout too wide or strap positioned too high — only that it requires confidence, and all too often the willingness to give up underwear entirely.

Ahead, see our favourite instances of hip cleavage from celebrities so far, then check out some other groundbreaking trends, including the boob window cutout, visible bra, and ever-popular naked dress.

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