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Kim Kardashian Pairs Her Bikini With Chaps in At-Home Photos

10/10 Would Watch the Wild Wild West Sequel Kim Kardashian Is Evidently Dressed For

Kim Kardashian has gotten sick of sweatpants. At least it would appear so, since the reality star and entrepreneur recently changed into an all-white outfit simply consisting of a bikini and leather chaps for a series of sexy photos. "All dressed up with nowhere to go," Kim captioned the at-home fashion shoot, which glamorously took place in front of her metallic Mercedes-Maybach.

In addition to the statement-making cutout trousers, Kim paired her string bikini — which truthfully looks like it could be a set of Skims undergarments — with futuristic black sunglasses and her frequently worn lucite heels. Kim has also been wearing her hair platinum blond these days, which, in a prior post, she clarified is a wig. All in all, she looks ready to helm a Wild Wild West sequel set in Calabasas. (10/10 would watch.)

These outfit photos come shortly after Kim brought back Apple's Photo Booth — the nostalgia! — to shoot campaign imagery for her new Skims Summer Mesh collection. Those photos are similarly — whew — steamy. Even during this time, it's hard keeping up with Kim.

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