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Shakira Makes a Statement in NO Jacket a Paris Couture Week

Shakira's "NO" Trench Coat Pushes the Limits of Avant-Garde Style

Shakira Makes a Statement in NO Jacket a Paris Couture Week

Fashion speaks volumes, and Shakira's Viktor & Rolf trench coat at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week delivered a clear message: no. While attending the designer's autumn 2023 Haute Couture show on 5 July, Shakira embraced the trouser-less trend in a giant coat emblazoned with the word "no" in capital letters across the chest. The finality of the two-letter word was so palpable, I found myself squinting at the fabric in search of a miniature emoticon heart covered in crystals and sarcasm.

While the heart was nowhere to be found, Shakira's cheeky message landed beautifully. "Yes is overrated," she captioned another glimpse at the sculptural outfit on Instagram. The look even inspired fans across social media to turn the sartorial moment into a meme. "Me when my boss asks me to work the morning after a holiday," MTV wrote in response on Twitter.

With its unwrinkled white fabric, clean lines, and simplistic embellishments, the base of the belted coat — also worn by Jennifer Lopez in 2018 — could easily be found on any quiet luxury Pinterest board. Even the styling emanated opulence, from the metallic handbag to the strappy gold platform sandals and sleek sunglasses. Everything about this ensemble radiated the kind of class and confidence I imagine I have when "Hips Don't Lie" blasts overhead in the snack aisle, and I shimmy as I reach for the sea salt macadamia nuts — at full price.

Of course, most coats aren't adorned with hundreds of Swarovski crystals, which is a detail unique to Viktor & Rolf's haute couture autumn/winter 2018 collection. Following rumours surrounding Shakira's breakup with Gerard Piqué the crystal "no" seems to double as a general statement and a bold nod to the media attention surrounding her personal life.

Is this a "no" to conversations about her breakup? To Piqué? A reminder to re-listen to her 2005 hit "No" from "Oral Fixation, Vol. 1"? The intention is unclear. The brand's website, though, describes the avant-garde collection as "consciously cherishing the past, yet always looking forward and pushing the boundaries of transformation," and Shakira is definitely looking forward.

Get a closer look at Shakira's statement coat ahead.

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