I Have Belts Thicker Than Tinashe's Chain-Link Bodysuit

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Cutouts took over in 2021, but Tinashe took the risqué trend to the next level with a barely there bodysuit that might as well be a bikini. The singer debuted the skintight ensemble, which could easily pass for a belt, in her "I Can See the Future" video on Jan. 20. Made up of black macrame straps that resemble chain material, the look curved in a cross pattern across her chest and hugged her waist to form a V. Short of waving around a sword, Tinashe could have easily passed for a Game of Thrones character with the sexy body-armor vibes she was radiating in this outfit.

In true Queen of the North fashion, a closer look at Tinashe's translucent blue MSXLA Nikita Heels ($90) also revealed ice dragons curled around the shoes, making the look even more badass from head to toe. She paired the outfit with a silver bracelet and black leather evening gloves that added an extra dose of extravagance to the scene as she draped herself across chairs and struck power poses for the camera.

Is it a swimsuit, thick body jewellery, or something in between? I can't be sure. But this is definitely one Tinashe look I'm never going to forget. Check out her "I Can See the Future" bodysuit from all angles here.

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