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30-Minute Yoga Flow For Lower-Back Pain

Does Your Lower Back Ache From Working From Home For a Year? Do This 30-Minute Yoga Flow

We've reached March 2021. For many of us, that means we've endured one year of working from home, maybe not exercising regularly, and not walking or moving around as much. Aside from it affecting our mental health, if you're experiencing lower-back pain, you're not alone. To increase flexibility and relieve tension in the lower back, try this 30-minute yoga flow created by 500-hour yoga teacher Doona Choi from Yoga with Doona. This relaxing flow is for all levels and includes forward folds, hip openers, gentle backbends, and twists to open your body. Your mind will feel more grounded and calm, and your body will feel lighter and hopefully in less pain. It's just 30 minutes, and you deserve to take a little time for yourself, so get on the floor and try it!

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