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Anna Faris on Hiking

Anna Faris's Go-To Workout Is FAR From Typical, but It's Her Passion

Anna Faris is a mother, the host of an undeniably entertaining podcast, and she has a movie on the way, but just like us, Anna appreciates her alone time. In the May issue of Women's Health, the 41-year-old actress got real about hiking, and why it's more than just an activity for her — it's her time to be alone and keep in touch with her emotions, and it started a long time ago.

"I grew up in Washington, and my dad took us hiking in the mountains every weekend," she told the magazine. "I had a passion for it early on. We weren't allowed to bring friends, and I'm really grateful for that time because it forced me to have conversations with my parents and appreciate nature. I hope to instill that in my son."

Even when he was still in a baby carrier, Anna was often seen taking now 5-year-old son Jack on hikes. Although family hikes can be difficult, it's the experience that means so much to the actress. Not the intense, rigorous workouts we've seen from other celebrities, but it's the mental and physical workout that is so important to Anna.

"I don't meditate; I probably should, but now I think of hiking as my time to be alone and reflect," she explained. "I love pushing my body, but I also love the solitude. It's one of the few times in my week that I get to be by myself and think about things. Sometimes I listen to other podcasts and get inspiration from them."

And we all know the mental benefits of a workout are just as important as the physical.

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