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Calorie Comparison of Snack

If You're Gaining Weight, These Snack Photos Could Explain Why

We feel you. Sometimes grabbing a couple of Oreos is quick and easy, and it satisfies your chocolate and cookie cravings. But if you're trying to lose weight, seeing these two snacks side by side offers a powerful visual of how snack choices can affect your goals.

For about 100 calories, you can get two small cookies or 16 medium strawberries. The higher volume of food combined with the high fibre and high water content in the strawberries will not only be more filling in the moment, but this snack will also keep you fuller for a longer period of time. Strawberries will also provide you with more micronutrients, more energy, and fewer refined sugars and carbs. Oreos may briefly satisfy your sweet tooth, but they don't offer any nutrition and will likely leave you hungry and craving more sugar, so you'll end up eating more daily calories.

Max Weber, a personal trainer who helps clients with fitness, nutrition, and weight management, said, "Keep these little things in mind on your fitness journey, and make the 'better' choice. Whatever that may be for you, given your goals, your cravings, and your values." If you're trying to slim down, picturing these comparison photos will help you make the right choice in order to make that happen.

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