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Chris Hemsworth Workout

Chris Hemsworth's THORough Training Regime Will Make You Sweat

Not everybody has the body to play the Norse god of thunder, but Aussie hottie Chris Hemsworth looks like he was born to be Thor. It takes some serious strength to wield the alpha god's almighty hammer, and Chris certainly has the biceps (and triceps, and quadriceps, and gluteus) to handle the job — seriously, type in the actor's name on Google, and "Chris Hemsworth workout" will be your first suggested search. But how exactly does this Avengers: Infinity War star keep his iron-hard body in top shape? When he's not shredding waves, here's how Chris works on shredding his washboard abs.

Kettlebell Training

Rather than pick up a pair of dumbbells, Chris Hemsworth tends to stick with a kettlebell at the gym, which helps him burn fat while maintaining muscle tone. Chris works with personal trainer Michael Knight of Art of Strength, who is especially known for his high-paced kettlebell Tabata workouts, and lucky for us, Mike shared the kettlebell circuits he uses with Chris, if you dare to try them.

Muay Thai

Though playing Thor involves building bulk, Chris told Men's Health that flexibility and functional training are just as important to his routine. In addition to core and strength training, Chris likes to get his body moving with boxing, yoga, and — his favourite workout — Muay Thai, a cultural martial art of Thailand that utilizes the entire body.

Zoco Body Pro

For personal training advice, Chris swears by his longtime trainer Luke Zocchi of Zoco Body Pro. Though Luke has personally helped Chris refine his Thor physique, Zoco Body Pro launched an online program called Twenty40 that allows anyone to try the same workout regimen and nutrition tips that his A-list clients use.

Vegan Diet

You'd think that Chris's diet would involve a daily dose of lean red meat, but he actually ditched the beef during the filming of Avengers — in fact, Luke told Today Extra that Chris avoided meat and animal products all together. Eating every two or three hours, Chris scarfed down six meals a day, favoring bean and veggie burgers. We suspect that little bro Liam, who has been a vegan for the past few years, could have helped to encourage this change, too.

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