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Girl Learns Beyoncé's Coachella Choreography

Excuse Me While I Watch This Girl's FLAWLESS Rendition of Beyoncé's Choreography on Repeat

Honestly, just watching Beyoncé's powerful Coachella performance on Saturday night made us feel accomplished. But one fan took her appreciation to the next level by taking the time to learn the choreography, and — holy sh*t — she deserves an actual award. Twitter user Briyonce shared a video of her spot-on, side-by-side imitation of Beyoncé, saying, "If you thought I was about to sit here, learn choreo & dance like I'm one of Beyoncé's backup dancer . . . YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!"

The girl's epic video is going viral, and she said it took her 40 minutes to get the dance down. That's all?! Clearly Briyonce is incredibly talented. This isn't the first time she's replicated Beyoncé's dance moves, either — she learned parts of the choreography from the Formation tour back in 2016. Prepare to let your jaw hit the floor as you watch her crush the choreography above.

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