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HIIT Abs and Arms Workout

Need a Quick Cardio and Strength Workout? Try This Trainer's HIIT Routine For Abs and Arms

We're all about workouts that are quick, effective, and target multiple areas at once. Online fitness coach Mila of trainwithmila shared her Miracle HIIT Abs and Arms Workout on Instagram, and it looks killer. The best part is that it doesn't require any equipment, which makes it easy to do anywhere!

"This workout is both cardio and strength, which allows you to burn fat and build muscles at the same time," Mila wrote in her caption.

Here's her workout as written on Instagram:

  1. Knee push ups to plank - 5x15
  2. Plank punches - 5x20 per side
  3. Plank side jumps - 5x15 per side
  4. Marching and tricep dips - 5x12
  5. Crunches - 5x20
  6. Spider man push-ups - 5x10 per side
  7. Tuck jump burpees - 5x10

Grab your mat and get ready to sweat!

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