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How to Slim Your Waist

A Trainer Breaks Down the Dos and Don'ts of Slimming Your Waist

Fitness trainer, Sohee Lee gets asked this all the time, but says, "Sorry folks, there are no shortcuts to slimming your waist!" There's no magic exercise, program, or "secret supplement" that actually works.

Sohee says, "The best way to shed inches off your waist is to lose body fat all around. This is achieved by eating a calorie deficit with sufficient protein, resistance training (to help retain lean body mass), managing sleep and stress, and being consistent month after month." Jade Jenny, head CrossFit coach and owner of Champlain Valley CrossFit agrees, and says in order to lose belly fat, you need to reduce your overall body fat percentage by dialing in your diet, eating whole foods, and ditching the junk.

There are many ways to do the above, but Sohee says not to resort to extremes. Sohee says, "Eat well, train hard, and make this a lifestyle." And remember that reducing fat in a certain area of your body isn't possible. Jade says, "there are really no exercises to reduce belly fat, unfortunately this is the age-old myth. People think they can get abs, and just abs." He says, "reducing belly fat ultimately comes down to how you eat."

There is one little trick, however. Sohee says, "To create the illusion of having a narrower waist, you can also build up your back/lats," with exercises like pull-ups, shoulder presses, and bent-over rows. To the gym we go!

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