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Keto at Ruby Tuesday

We've Got Your Friday Night Plans, and They Involve These Low-Carb Dishes at Ruby Tuesday


Eating out can be difficult when you're trying to stick to a low-carb plan like the keto diet — that is, until you know where to go and how to navigate the menu. As far as low-carb picks go, Ruby Tuesday is a pretty sweet stop. You'll need to skip the loaded potato chips and breaded shrimp (sorry), but in their place, you can find solid choices for appetizers, your pick of proteins, and even a burger (stay with us). Grab your keys and wallet — or that unused gift card — and dig into these tasty dishes:

  • Appetizer: Order the Bacon Deviled Eggs. The sriracha sauce gives this dish a nice kick, while still keeping it at two grams of carbs. Plus, starting your meal with some protein is always a smart move.
  • Chicken: Choose from the Chicken Bella, Asiago Bacon Chicken, or Chicken Fresco. They're super-low carb, then all you have to do is choose your sides. The Fresh Grilled Courgette, Fresh Steamed Broccoli, and the Garden Salad are solid options.
  • Steak: Most of this section of the menu is keto-approved, so simply order the cut you prefer (ribeye, sirloin) and the size (six, eight, or 12 ounces). Then pair your steak with the sides above.
  • Seafood: The Grilled Salmon is your safest bet at zero grams of carbs and 53 grams of protein. For something a little more indulgent, try the New Orleans Seafood — it doesn't get better than cajun seasoning and a parmesan cream sauce for only four grams of carbs.
  • Burgers: If you can do without the brioche bun and french fries, order the Avocado Turkey Burger or the Mushroom and Swiss Burger. The higher fat content of these dishes, along with the rich flavour profiles, is a pretty delicious substitute.
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