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Lunar Cycle Workout Class

I Synced My Workout With the Lunar Cycle to Find My Zen, and This Is What Happened

Bari Studio is one of my favourite places to work out. Both its Sculpt and Bounce classes are in heavy rotation in my schedule — I love the small-size classes, awesome music, and fun, upbeat vibe. That's why when I heard that it had launched a class that was based on the lunar cycle, I couldn't wait to try it. I am super into mindfulness, but I am also somewhat of a sceptic when it comes to that kind of thing. I know moon-related things are supertrendy right now, but I'll admit to sometimes rolling my eyes about that sort of thing. However, after a rough couple of weeks, I was hoping the new moon could work some magic on me.

Image Source: Bari Studio

I learned that The New Moon reset ritual fitness class was formulated to use sculpting, cardio, and movement as a way to drop into your body and your intentions for a new lunar cycle. I love the idea of starting anew with the lunar cycle — you don't have to wait until January for new healthy intentions! What is "The New Moon" you might ask? It's a stage in the lunar cycle that can also be known as the dark moon. It occurs when the moon and sun are in line, making the moon invisible from Earth.

Image Source: Bari Studio

Speaking to two of the instructors who helped pioneer the class, Aly Giampolo and Colette Dong, I got a little bit more context about what the class is about. "The new moon is all about beginning again. For some people that's as simple as burning a palo santo, or cleaning out their closets, but for us as trainers, its a chance to fire up our souls via movement," Aly told POPSUGAR. I love this idea of cleansing and new beginnings combined with fitness. "Throughout the class, we shed what was and craft what's to come using the tool we all have available for us — our bodies!" Colette said. This was sounding better and better. "The movement is the same Bari workout you love, but it's tough. It's a battle, a fight, a release, and a clarity all in the 45 minutes you usually spend with us." I was more than ready to give this a try.

I entered Bari not knowing what to expect. The room was dimly lit with candles scattered around the edges, and the vibe was very calm. Our instructor began by telling us that we don't have to be superspiritual to take the class — it was about stripping away the last few weeks and starting anew, which is exactly what I wanted. The lights dimmed even more, and I felt, well, safe.

I'll admit I half expected to be lying down for most of the class or doing some relaxed gentle movements, but the class was supertough physically — all of the butt-busting moves I love from a normal Bari Sculpt class while also engaging the mind. I was sweating like crazy doing side planks and also reflecting on the past few weeks.

Image Source: Bari Studio

Full disclosure: I'd gotten dumped, left my favourite sweater in a cab, and spilled a coffee on myself before an important meeting all in the past three weeks, and something about sweating it out in a dark room really helped me shake all that stuff off.

Our instructor told us to let all of the negativity go and to set intentions for the next lunar cycle (which just means couple of weeks!). It really did change my mood. I left feeling lighter and ready to cut myself some slack.

Image Source: Christina Najjar

I would definitely recommend this class to anyone wanting a little mind break or reset. You don't have to believe in lunar cycles if that's not your thing — you'll still get a lot out of it. It's not only an awesome Bari workout but it's a little therapy, too.

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