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Why Beetroot Wraps Are Trending

Beetroot Wraps Are the New Veggie-Packed Trend You Need to Try

Beets, rich in antioxidants and linked to health benefits such as reduced blood pressure, have been popular for a while now, especially in the form of supplements and powders. But now they're building buzz in another form: beetroot wraps. And for those of you who are allergic to gluten, we're even seeing ones that are gluten-free.

Here's the deal: most of these veggie-packed wraps are being sold overseas. Warburtons, a European brand, sells a variety that is both gluten-free and dairy-free. The UK-based Genius Foods sells gluten-free, dairy-free beetroot wraps (seen above) with an added bonus of high fibre and low carbs. Then there are these Superbeet Wraps from New Zealand (not gluten-free).

We've been on the prowl for beetroot wraps in the US, and though the results are scarce so far, we found some: Vibrant Beet Garden Wraps made with sprouted whole grains. These come from Angelic Bakehouse (bless its soul). A pack of six currently goes for $4.50. Note: they do contain gluten.

So, yes, beet wraps are pretty in pink and ready for your sandwich condiments. Hopefully they'll be popping up in more US supermarkets this year — and we wouldn't be surprised if they did. Who knows? They could be as popular as Egg White Thins and wraps made entirely from cheese!

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