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"Driver's Licence" Dancer Sculpt Workout From MadFit

Flow With All the Emotions to "Driver's Licence" With This Ballet-Like Dancer Sculpt Workout

Flow along with fitness YouTuber Maddie Lymburner, known as MadFit, to the popular song, "Drivers Licence" by 17-year old, Olivia Rodrigo — we've been waiting for this one! Lymburner calls this a dancer sculpt workout and we love that it's so fluid, artsy, and ballet-like. You'll feel all the feels listening to Rodrigo's powerful and relatable lyrics and following along to the dramatic and intense full-body movements. Now we can belt out the lyrics and cry and work out at the same time (just kidding) (kind of... this song is emotional!).

If you can't get enough of this passionate, heart-wrenching song, try this lower-body workout to "Driver's Licence."

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