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Can You Search Peloton Classes by Song?

Want Peloton Classes With Songs by Your Fave Artist? There's a Bike Feature For That


How to choose your next Peloton class based on song request #peloton #pelotonhack #pelotonmom

♬ original sound - Sarah Dussault

On the Peloton web or digital app dashboard, you can filter rides (or any class) by music genre. However, there's a way on the Peloton Bike itself to actually filter classes based on a specific artist. As shown in the TikTok above shared by ACSM-certified personal trainer Sarah Dussault, you navigate to "Classes," click on the search bar, type in an artist's name, and voilà! The results will include a list workouts with the names of the songs by that artist played in each class.

With this feature, which has been around since 2018, you can look for classes with Billie Eilish tracks, for example, or by No Doubt, as Dussault does in the video. Note: the search bar can also be utilised to find sweat sessions by title (a Hamilton ride, for instance).

Another way to search for workouts by artist is to go to "Collections" on Peloton hardware, your web browser, or the app. Some Artist Series (classes that only have songs from a single artist such as Megan Thee Stallion or Beyoncé) have their own place in the "Collections" tab, and others are listed under the collection entitled, "Artist Series." Get searching, and get moving!

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