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Watch a Parody of Alexis Rose Doing PR For the COVID Vaccine

This TikToker's Parody of Alexis Rose Running PR For the COVID Vaccine Is Frankly Flawless


Honestly let alexis rose be in charge of vaccine distribution #comedy #fyp #alexisrose #schittscreek #foryou

♬ original sound - caroline🥕🍋

I don't need any convincing to get the COVID-19 vaccine. My sleeve has been permanently rolled up since it was first announced that the Pfizer and Moderna shots received FDA approval months ago. I check the eligibility list on a weekly basis, and I look forward to the possibility of having a fever and body aches courtesy of one of the greatest scientific achievements in history. But if I did need some extra convincing, there would be no one better for the job than Alexis Rose.

On 28 Feb., TikTok creator Caroline Bourke nailed what it would be like if Schitt's Creek's resident publicist handled the vaccine rollout, and her ideas — like her impression of Alexis — are gold. "I was thinking maybe we can make, like, the side effects more fun," Bourke says, before taking a call from "David," who naturally wants to skip the line. A vaccine that banishes the wrinkles I've developed after a year of scouring the web for disinfecting wipes? Um, sold. Watch Bourke's brilliant video above, and then register to get the vaccine, because it's past time to say, "Bye bye, COVID!"

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