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How to Make McDonald's Hash Brown Ice Cream Sandwich

This McDonald's Hash Brown Ice Cream Sandwich Hack Is Taking Over TikTok

How to Make McDonald's Hash Brown Ice Cream Sandwich

If you're a fan of dipping your french fries in milkshakes, meet your new favourite salty-sweet snack combo: the McDonald's hash brown ice cream sandwich. Made by scooping the contents of a McFlurry between two crispy hash browns, the controversial food combo has TikTok users intrigued.

"I dreamt about this."

Like most great culinary creations, the hash brown ice cream sandwich was born from a craving. "You were worth waiting for," said food TikToker Kelly Arvan, the mind behind the DIY fast-food dessert, as she tried it for the first time. "I dreamt about this." Between bites of the savoury-sweet sandwich, Arvan gave her review. "It's salty, crunchy, potatoey, sweet," she said as warm bits of potato and globs of chilled ice cream dripped onto the take-away bag across her lap.

Messy? Sure. Worth a try? Absolutely. Arvan initially put together the dessert using an Oreo McFlurry and gave the sandwich a 10/10. In a separate video, she rated a version of the treat with an M&M McFlurry, praising the crunch and giving it a 7/10. "That's like a 2-year-old's party in a sandwich," she said. While Arvan said some viewers have called the snack "disgusting," she pointed out that salty and sweet has been a winning food pairing for years. (See: french fries in milkshakes, Nutella cucumber sandwiches, watermelon with mustard, and peanut butter and jelly.) Plus, with seasonal McFlurry flavours, there are plenty of potential potato/ice cream combos.

TikTok user Jordan Howlett, known for his fast-food secret videos, added an extra layer of genius to Arvan's creation: bacon. "That was the most life-changing thing I've had in my life," Howlett said in a video after trying the hash brown ice cream sandwich with bacon. "This is amazing." We imagine the bacon adds an extra dimension of saltiness and crunch that's all the more reason to head to the drive-through. (Another user even dipped the sandwich in ketchup and gave it a satisfied hum of approval.)

One caveat: most McDonald's locations do not serve McFlurries and hash browns at the same time, which might mean taking two trips through to the drive-through — one before 11 a.m. to grab the hash browns and one immediately afterward during lunchtime for the McFlurry.

Check out Arvan's review of the hash brown McFlurry sandwiches and see what other TikTok users think of the creamy-crunchy combination ahead.