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Disney's New Dole Whip Float Is Topped With Pop Rocks

Disney World's New Strawberry Dole Whip Float Is Topped With Freakin' Pop Rocks!

Remember the thrill of tossing an entire Pop Rocks packet in your mouth as a child? Well you can now experience the nostalgia of that distinct tingling sensation at Disney World, thanks to the theme park's new "I Lava You" Dole Whip Float.

Now available at Magic Kingdom's Sunshine Tree Terrace for $7, the dessert concoction is inspired by Pixar's Lava short film and offers quite the tropical explosion of flavours. It starts with a swirl of orange Dole Whip, then gets doused in strawberry Fanta soda, strawberry and passion fruit syrup, and strawberry-flavoured popping candy. Are you salivating yet?

Disney's beloved FOMOsa Float may want to sleep with one eye open, because the "I Lava You" Float just might snag its coveted spotlight. Excuse us while we edit our Disney World food bucket list to put this new offering at the tippy top.