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TikTok's Adult Pineapple Recipe

Adult Pineapple Is Trending on TikTok, and It's the Perfect Boozy Beach Snack


Thanks to TikTok, my palate has become accustomed to adventurous flavour combinations like watermelon and mustard, peanut butter and Doritos, and my personal favourite, pickles and Kool-Aid (I promise, it's actually good!). The internet consensus as to whether these pairings are actually good remains unknown. But there's one new recipe that has received overwhelmingly positive reviews since it was posted by TikToker Bee Tinoco, and that's pineapple with Malibu coconut rum, aka Adult Pineapple.

Pineapple and coconut is already a top-notch fruit combination, so infusing pineapple with Malibu seemed like a total no-brainer to me. When I took my first bite of pineapple after the 24 long hours I waited as it sat in the refrigerator, I was in piña colada heaven. It was definitely worth the wait. As someone who enjoys fruity cocktails but never actually makes them herself, I admittedly had to quickly search, "Do piña coladas have Malibu?" Embarrassing, I know! But as it turns out, the coconut in a classic piña colada comes from either coconut milk, coconut cream, or both, but no Malibu.


I was surprised at just how coconutty the pineapple ended up tasting without actual coconut milk, and to be quite honest, I barely even tasted the alcohol. My best guess as to why this occurred was that the natural sweetness of the pineapple drowned out the harshness of the alcohol, thereby highlighting the coconut in the Malibu. Letting it sit overnight helped with that, too.


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And if the taste alone isn't enough to convince you to try this recipe, it's also super easy to prepare, especially if you don't want to whip up an actual piña colada. The hardest part is the waiting. Tinoco didn't use measurements in her original recipe, so you can add as much or as little Malibu as you want. As she demonstrated in her video, all you have to do is grab a jar of pineapple spears, drain the juice, and pour in the Malibu. It's that easy. It's important to let it sit overnight, but other TikTokers have advised against leaving it any longer, as the texture will change. Either way, I think it's my new favourite way to eat pineapple, and I definitely foresee myself eating this on the beach all day long.


Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kalea Martin