This Long-Distance BFF Candle Is the Perfect Gift to Let Your Person Know You Miss Them

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When you think of long-distance relationships, you probably automatically think of romantic ones. But long-distance friendships are just as common and sometimes even more difficult as besties struggle without their person. And if care packages are your favourite way to let your bestie know how much you miss them, you need to send them this Long-Distance BFF Candle ($24).

The candle promotes the idea that "friendship knows no distance" through a personalized design you can create. The candle itself comes in two sizes, 9-ounce and 16-ounce, and offers 20 different scents to choose from, including Salt and Sea for those beach days when you were in high school, or Cabin in the Woods for that Summer you spent at camp. Each candle is also personalized with a little message on the lid.

For an additional $25, you can upgrade to the Friendship Knows No Distance Gift Box that includes a "Miss You" mug, a "Reasons Why I Miss You" notepad, and a mini gold heart pencil. So, no matter if you're celebrating something special or just want to remind them how special they are to you, the Long-Distance BFF Candle is a universally sweet gift.