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This TikTok Hack Will Make Your House Smell Like Coffee

Wait, This TikTok Candle Hack Will Make Your Home Smell as Good as Central Perk


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Sweet, rich, and alluring are just a few words that describe how we like our partners . . . as well as how we like our homes to smell. There's nothing worse than when your space has a musty, dirty, or just plain bad odour, and sometimes getting rid of it is harder than you might expect. And on the flip slide, when your home smells like nothing at all, it can feel a lot less like a home. But leave it to TikTok to have a solution for that (as well as hacks for just about everything else). TikToker @apieceofmyglamhouse shared her favourite way to make her house smell amazing, and it involves an unlikely duo: coffee beans and candles. Not only will this hack make your home smell like a freshly brewed cup of coffee all day long, but it'll also give your space an inviting atmosphere.

To achieve this Central Perk-approved hack (Friends fans, that was for you), all you have to do is fill a couple of candle holders with coffee beans, put vanilla-scented candles inside, light them, and enjoy a sweet aroma like no other. The best part about this hack is that the smell isn't too overpowering, so it won't give you or any guests a headache — instead, it'll just turn your home into a sweet escape. The next time you want to freshen up your space, let this TikTok hack do all that and more.

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