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Why Scorpio and Gemini Are the Most Disliked Zodiac Signs

The Reason Why Scorpios and Geminis Are the Most Bullied Star Signs Might Surprise You

The constellation Sagittarius, taken from the U.S. Naval Observatory. | Location: Sagittarius.  (Photo by © CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

There's no denying that Scorpio and Gemini are the most misunderstood of the twelve zodiac signs. It's easy to misread them, since Scorpios are known for their dark and brooding emotional nature, and Geminis are often labelled as "two faced" and ask a bit too many questions. But before you're quick to judge Scorpios and Geminis, we consulted two expert astrologists to explain the myths surrounding these star signs.

To get a sense of how a zodiac sign is perceived, we like to have a look at some famous faces and see if we can pick up any patterns in behaviour. Kris Jenner and Kristen Stewart are two archetypal Scorpios (23 Oct. to 21 Nov.) While Geminis (21 May to 21 Jun.) get their bad rep from celebrities like Kanye West and Shia LaBeouf. Scorpio, represented by the Scorpion, is known for their hard outer shell, soft underbelly, and vindictive sting. Whereas Gemini, represented by the twins, are often labelled as having two sides, like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation — where you can't be sure who you're going to get.

It's crucial to understand that Gemini, an air sign, is ruled by the nervous system and live in their heads, which means that they can appear paranoid if they feel they are being left out of the know. "While living in their head is a great recipe for inspiring ideas, it's also a slippery slope into getting caught up in their own observations and not really being totally present with the reality of a situation," astrologer Laura Wilson-Brown told POPSUGAR. "They will tell you what you said even when you know you said something totally different. Gemini can sometimes create drama, with friends, family, and beloved partners, out of thin air simply because of the narrative they've created in their head. As it can be said, they go where the wind takes them and this is just as applicable emotionally as it is mentally."

"Whatever you think of these signs, you must remember that star signs are just one tiny part of your huge birth chart, and that every person has every sign interwoven into their being somewhere."

Scorpios are ruled by the reproductive system, which is why this sign is often seen as sexy, in a dark and mysterious kind of way. As a water sign, they are extremely emotional, and have a depth of intensity that can be intimidating even for a Scorpio. In love, they are obsessive, possessive, and require absolute devotion; and if met with deception, they aren't afraid to pull out the mind games and let their famous sting do the talking. "Scorpios, because they've never met a psyche they didn't want to unravel, they always sense what's underneath the surface and they want to put their psychic sonar to use in revealing it," said astrologer Lesley Francis. Scorpio's inquisitiveness often "leads to asking very direct and very invasive questions. The truly scary thing is you are likely to feel compelled to tell all without knowing why. So, you are left deflated, uncomfortable and a wee bit empty because the Scorpio wants to crawl inside your skin and absorb you."

Every person, like every zodiac sign, comes with a good side and a shadow side. Unfortunately signs like Scorpio and Gemini are so intense and captivating that people often focus on their bad traits instead of taking the time to truly understand what makes them tick. "I think the main reason Geminis and Scorpios get a bit snubbed over other signs could be because both have stigmas attached to them that are seen as quite extreme in comparison with the rest of the zodiac," said yoga teacher and astrology enthusiast Scarlett Woodford, who is a Gemini that is happily married to a Scorpio. "Unlike a few other signs that might be known for being steady, soft, taking things slow, and going with the flow, Geminis and Scorpios (at least in modern cultural definitions) seem to make a mark, or leave an impression of sorts. When you mention these signs, someone's eyes widen, eyebrows raise, and they wait for you to do something crazy. Whatever you think of these signs, you must remember that star signs are just one tiny part of your huge birth chart, and that every person has every sign interwoven into their being somewhere."

From personal experience of having dated a Scorpio and a Gemini, at separate points in my life, of course — Scorpios can be extremely vindictive if they feel deceived but they are also fiercely loyal, with an analytical way of viewing the world that will surely give you a new perspective and open your mind. Geminis can be a bit paranoid when they think that information is missing from the equation, but once you're tight with one, they will defend you and what they believe in without faltering — even if it isn't the popular opinion in the room. A Gemini can be your biggest cheerleader, and a Scorpio can challenge you to be your best self. So before you judge the Scorpion and the twins, we advise taking a little extra time to unlock their complex psyches.

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