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25 Winter Date Ideas

25 Winter Date Ideas That Are Cold-Weather Approved

25 Winter Date Ideas
Image Source: Unsplash

Winter is finally here, and with it comes cabin fever! But don't let the cold weather keep you from having a good time with SO. We know, it's hard to come up with winter date ideas. And making plans for winter dates in the cold can be tricky. You're never sure how many layers to wear and you don't want your date to be uncomfortable because of the cold weather. Plus, staying inside feels like the more sensible option when the temperature is below 20. But why not try one of these new date ideas in the winter for both indoors and outdoors? From stargazing to hot chocolate competitions, these winter activities are sure to be a hit for both the home body and the outdoor extrovert. You can either choose to face the cold or embrace the warmth of your home with these winter date ideas!

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