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Twitter’s Advanced Muting Options For Mental Health

I've Started Using Twitter's Muting Filter to Avoid Reading Misinformation and Scary Headlines

Last week, I discovered Twitter's advanced muting options, and while I know I'm probably late to the party, I felt it was important to issue a PSA about it. Social media is an intense place at the best of times, with a 24-hour news cycle that feeds the beast constantly. Last week, I learned that Twitter allows you to mute posts containing specific words and phrases, to make it easier to filter out any topics you don't want to see all over your feed.

Personally, I wanted to filter hyperbolic headlines and fear mongering personal reactions because, to be honest, they scare me. A couple of things I've muted — and believe has made a huge difference to the type of content being fed to me on Twitter — are the phrase "end of the world" and "apocalypse." But if you just hate seeing anything to do with cats — the movie or the species — you can filter out those topics, too.

Twitter's filter is supereasy to use, and they have a handy instructional in case you need help navigating your way to a negativity-free feed. You're welcome.

Image Source: Getty / Westend61
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