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Citroen Glasses For Motion Sickness

These "Glasses" Look INSANE, but It's a Small Price to Pay For What They Promise to Do

Parents of kids with motion sickness might have a solution to those queasy car rides. But brace yourself: it's a little, well, bizarre.

Engineers at the French car company Citroën have released the first-ever "glasses" to cure motion sickness. In fact, the new, very-weird-looking glasses – called Seetroën – promise to eliminate any motion sickness you're feeling after wearing them for just 10 minutes.

Using a feature called "Boarding Ring technology," the hollow glasses are essentially made up of four rings each with coloured liquid that sloshes both left-to-right and front-to-back to simulate an artificial horizon. The motions of the blue dye match what the wearer's inner ear is detecting, and as the site maintains, "the eye thus has access to the reality of the movement again, the sensory conflict disappears instantaneously and the motion sickness disappears."

What is great about these bizarre-looking glasses is that although they won't win adults any style points, they are just silly-looking enough to be potentially fun for children – one in three of whom suffers from motion sickness. If, however, your kiddo isn't a fan of the glasses, fear not: Citroen says 95 percent of passengers don't need to wear them the entire trip. In fact, once they put them on and stare at an unmoving object, like a book or iPad, for up to 12 minutes, they can take them off without feeling any more nausea for the rest of that car trip.

Sure, at the steep price of $115, these glasses might not be worth the investment, but if you are chronically dealing with a puky kid in the backseat, it might also be the best-yet-weirdest thing to happen to your family road trip.

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