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DIY Marie Kondo Boxes

How to KonMari Your Entire Home Without Wasting Money on Storage Containers

With lofty resolutions in full swing and Marie Kondo's Netflix mega-hit Tidying Up trending, it seems everyone is trying to get their home in order right now. In fact, the demand for a set of Marie Kondo's small Hikidashi boxes, which are made from fiberboard and retail for a whopping $89, is so high that they're currently sold out. But if you're waiting for the next restock or enough cash to plunk down for beautiful, perfectly coordinated storage vessels, you're missing out.

Resourceful moms like Janine Young, a certified KonMari consultant, point out the plethora of free storage supplies most of us have lying around our homes. Case in point: Janine used an empty baby wipes container and an empty cardboard box she would have otherwise recycled to whip her daughter's socks and tights drawer into organised perfection. And others are following suit, whether it's reimagining an empty tissue box to corral perfumes or repurposing a porcelain cup to hold mascaras and eyeliners in a vanity drawer. You can also stick to cheap bins and baskets from retailers like Dollar Tree and walk away with the dresser storage equivalent of a Starbucks venti latte and baked good.

The point being that you absolutely should not procrastinate your joy-sparking just because you're having trouble finding the right boxes. For further convincing, scroll through this KonMari-inspired gallery of epic storage vessel usage, where organising tools range from salvaged recyclables to pottery goods plucked from kitchen cabinets, and prepare to be fully charged and ready to organise!

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