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Dad's Advice For New Parents

Just Days After Having His First Kid, This New Dad Has 10 Major Takeaways All Parents Must Read

Dad's Advice For New Parents

If you've had a kid or know someone who's had one, there's one thing you can likely attest to: the last thing you're capable of doing just days after having your newborn is writing something informative or reflective, let alone helpful. But new dad Joey Parsons is in a camp of his own.

Just 10 days after he and his wife had their first boy, the new dad published a post on Medium for other newbie parents who might be following in his footsteps. And it isn't rife with run-of-the-mill "sleep when the baby sleeps" advice that everyone from grandparents to childcare providers will regurgitate back at you; these are thoughtful and specific learnings. Check out the post for the full 10, but here are our favourites.

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