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Dad Teases Daughter on Her Honeymoon

This Dad Copied His Daughter's Honeymoon Photos, and It's the Epitome of a Dad Joke

Tracy Fritz, a 51-year-old father from Hazel, SD, definitely knows his way around a dad joke. In a now-viral tweet, Tracy's daughter Kylie shared some hilarious banter between her dad and her sister, Natasha Stroup, who was on her honeymoon in Hawaii.

Kylie captioned her tweet: "So my sister is in Hawaii right now and sent pics to the group message and my dad responds with this," and we're loving the back-and-forth.

The conversation began when Natasha sent her father a photo or two of her holiday. And once Tracy received the pictures, he knew he needed to respond in a big way.

"She was showing the scenery around her, I just thought I'd show the scenery around me," Tracy, who works as a farmer, told Buzzfeed. As soon as Natasha received her dad's pictures, she immediately showed them to her husband. "I was like, 'Seriously, look at what my dad just sent me,'" she said, adding that, "He's just a smart aleck . . . He didn't say anything. He literally sent the photos, that's it."

All we can say is well played, dad. Well played, indeed.

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