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How to Organise Pantry Cabinets

If You Aren't Using This Cabinet Organisation Hack, You're Seriously Wasting SO Much Time

If your inner organisational nerd delighted in this Dollar Tree pantry tutorial, you'll be blown away by this hack for quickly and neatly unloading a box of drinks or food into your cabinets. If you tediously pull out each item from a box and file each item one by one, you'll be happy to know there's a ridiculously easy work-around. YouTube host Kathryn from Do It on a Dime takes a shortcut by opening both ends of the box and simply pushing the items straight back so they line up on the shelf or in the fridge in the exact order they're packed in the box. It's one of those slightly embarrassing, forehead-slapping light bulb moments that makes you wonder what else you're doing the hard way. Check out the video to see her tip in action, and start at the beginning if you want to catch her Dollar Tree kitchen cabinet makeover video in all its glory.

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