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Making Babies Trailer

The Making Babies Trailer Gives You Permission to Laugh at How Hard It Can Be to Get Pregnant

The path toward pregnancy is different for everyone. For some couples, it's as simple as having sex and unknowingly fertilising an egg. For others, it can feel more like a gruelling task, one that can rob one or both of you of the joys and whimsy normally associated with sex, and instead replace those feelings with frustration, sadness, and, for those experiencing infertility, perhaps even despair.

Regardless of the roads your pregnancy journey might have sent you down, a new comedy called Making Babies explores the trying side of fertility. Told through a series of relatable laughs, Katie and John Kelly (played by Eliza Coupe and Steve Howey) are tirelessly trying to get pregnant. After traditional efforts don't work, the two start going through the list of alternative methods, such as painful hormone injections, sperm analyses, and homeopathic experiences.

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