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Man and Grandma Dress as Characters From Coco

This Man and His Grandmother Dressed Up Like Miguel and Mama Coco — the Resemblance Is Unreal

Cosplay has no age ❤️

Posted by Manuel D'Andrea on Saturday, April 7, 2018

Coco is having a major moment this Halloween and not just for kids who love the Pixar flick.

Manuel D'Andrea, an Italian costume designer who has built up an impressive social media following based on his amazing makeup transformations, decided not only to turn himself into the movie's beloved 12-year-old Miguel but to enlist his own grandmother to play the titular character Mama Coco.

Manuel showed before-and-after shots of him holding his grandmother's hand. The resemblance to the animated characters is uncanny — he somehow managed to morph into a child and his grandmother? Well, she proved what his caption so sweetly pointed out: "cosplay has no age."

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