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Manager's Email to Working Mum About Pumping Plans

This Boss's Response to an Employee's Pumping Request Should Be the Gold Effing Standard

Working mums often dread one email more than any others — it's the one they have to send to their supervisors when they are heading back to their jobs after an always-feels-too-short maternity leave.

Why? Because that email is often peppered with requests that might go unfulfilled — whether it's a desperate plea for unexpected job flexibility, a request for different hours to fit with childcare constraints, or the need for a clean, private space in which to pump breastmilk several times per workday.

A Reddit user recently emailed her manager about her forthcoming return to work and her plan to pump, and his response was pitch-perfect.


Emailed my manager about my return to work and plan to pump; this was his response! 👏🏽 from r/breastfeeding

"Whatever you need to do to be successful here, I am supportive," he wrote back before giving a helpful suggestion that she put her pumping sessions in the office's calendar so that no one can inadvertently schedule anything that conflicts.

His final remark was the reminder all employers — aside from, perhaps, heart surgeons! — need to remember:

"Nothing here is so crucial that you should not take care of yourself, so please let me know if there's anything else that we need to discuss."

This simple email is a great example for all managers and a reminder that although many companies — particularly small, fledgling ones — can't always move mountains to make life easier on new mums, employers can still be understanding, supportive, and resourceful.

Someone give this man a raise!

Image Source: Rawpixel / Unsplash
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