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Photo of Chrissy Teigen's Kids Together

The 1 Thing Only Seasoned Parents Will Notice About the Sweet Photo Of Chrissy Teigen's Kids

A week after Chrissy Teigen gave birth to her newborn son Miles, she decided to up and make our hearts swoon again with her latest Instagram snap – the first up-close photo of big sister Luna with her baby brother.

The adorable photo shows 2-year-old Luna assuming older-sibling duties by oh-so delicately trying to give Miles, resting on a luscious blanket, a pacifier. The caption? A simple red heart emoji.

I myself almost gasped with adoration over this sweet image before I realised that I needed to warn Chrissy.

Don't be fooled, Chrissy! It's all a rouse! She's got you right where she wants you! Do not, I repeat, do not . . . trust . . . Luna.

See, I too have that heart-burstingly-beautiful first photo of my oldest child meeting my youngest – it was nothing but serene smiles, delicate hands, and cooing "oohs" and "aahs." But, those moments were fleeting. Soon, every photo opp strategically edited out my vice grip on my toddler's arm. Every video conveniently cut before anyone could hear my husband shouting, "TOO ROUGH!" as our newborn somehow managed to get her arm yanked or toe pinched.

And this is with my toddler actually liking the new baby. Don't get me started on all those poor parents who have to deal with older sibling jealousy, with toddlers who want nothing to do with the newbie, or worse, who want to get rid of that tiny invader once and for all.

So, enjoy these peaceful moments now, Chrissy. That is, if this one really was as peaceful as it seems. On behalf of parents of siblings everywhere, I bet if we got our hands on Chrissy's iPhone and clicked into her camera roll, we'd see a half-dozen photos before this one of her coaxing Luna to show even the faintest interest in this tiny blob of a human. And I have a feeling that two-dozen photos following this snap show Luna in various stages of nearly poking her brother's eyes out with that paci.

All this is to prepare Chrissy for the year ahead, in which she and John will undoubtedly take turns begging one kid not to commit physical bodily harm to the other. You know, parenting.

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