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Pink's Quotes on How Hard Raising a Daughter Is

Don't Worry, Pink Is Just as Confused About How to Raise Kids as the Rest of Us

Pink is known for being refreshingly honest, whether she's having a heart-to-heart with another mom in a grocery store or sharing her worries and fears as a mom on social media — and we can't get enough of it. Recently, she posted a photo to Instagram of her and her 6-year-old daughter Willow at a dim sum class with a caption that will resonate with any parent who has more than one child.

"I feel like I had it all figured out when she was younger. When it was just her. Now that there's two, and [they're] such different ages, I feel flustered so much of the time," she confessed. "The older she gets the less clear I am on how to guide her."

As it turns out, Pink has all the same questions other parents do when it comes to teaching her daughter how to navigate the world.

"Do I take the raw honest tough way? Do I cuddle her and tell her to not to worry? Do I let her be sassy knowing I want her to be strong and need her to be strong to survive in this world? Of course, but how do you interject [with] subtlety and kindness? I already know I worry too much, don't even bother telling me about that. I'm aware. Thoughts?"

You've got to love a mom who's willing to ask all the tough questions, right?

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