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Uncrustables Breastfeeding Hack

This Frozen Snack Happens to Be the Exact Right Shape For Breastfeeding Relief

Jayde Donovan, a mom of two and radio host, knows that breastfeeding can been challenging, regardless of how many children you have. Thankfully, she let mamas in on a particularly useful breastfeeding trick that kills two birds with one stone: placing frozen Uncrustable sandwiches on your sore breasts to relieve pain and then eating them once they're thawed. In a tweet, she detailed exactly how her clever hack does double duty, and yep, we're stealing it.

"I just used frozen Uncrustables as boob ice packs," she wrote. "Which actually makes perfect sense bc after they defrost in your nursing bra oh look a delicious treat. #lifehack #boobhack."

Seems pretty easy, right? Anything that gets both baby and mom fed is a win in our books!

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