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Why I'm Thankful For My Mum Friends

To All the Friends Who Helped Me Through New Motherhood, All I Can Say Is Thank You


Dear Mum Friends,

Thank you for all your moral support, especially during my first few weeks of new motherhood. Though I've only met many of you a few times — through a friend of a friend, at a work event, or at our husbands' yearly college get-togethers — you made my initiation into motherhood so much less scary and more supportive than I could've ever imagined. Through all the "what now?" moments, you calmed my fears, eased my anxiety, and not only let me know that I'm not alone, but that you would hold my hand and walk with me to the other side.

Thank you for taking me out of my comfort zone and encourageing me to lean in to all these new and different experiences. I so value the invitations to join your Mummy groups and baby classes, introductions to your other mum friends, or suggestions of activities to do with our tots. The walks we've taken, the glasses of wine we've shared, and the learning curves that we've endured in these first few months of motherhood are some of my most cherished memories. I knew I would the love for my child would only grow, but I never expected that our relationships would become the most beloved relationships I've ever known. I'm so grateful they have.

Thank you for the late-night phone calls and vent sessions in between your children's busy schedules and navigating your own way through motherhood. Thank you for hearing me, seeing me, and validating my experience, especially when it may have been so different from your own. Thank you for reserving judgment and reminding me that taking care of myself is the best way to care for my baby. Thank you for encourageing my every step or pivot that I've taken in search of my postpartum self. I would not be where I am today if it were not for your unwavering confidence in me along the way. I have never known kindness like you have shown me, and you make me want to be a better friend because of it.

Thank you for the inspiration and for showing me the many ways to mother. You've always accepted my path and never once judged me or told me that I was wrong to parent like I did. You hold my feelings and experiences as tenderly as you care for your own babies, and I'll always be thankful for your gracious acceptance.

Thank you for the realness and for showing yourself to me in your raw entirety. I'm so honoured that you've given me a peek into your world: Your career aspirations, your relationships peaks and valleys, and your triumphs and setbacks, as you too seek the balance between mother, wife, and self. It's such a pleasure to be more than a "mum-friend" to you. Your authenticity has brought an intimacy into my friendships that I've not only missed out on in the past, but that I now realise I need in all of my relationships going forward.

Thank you for the answers when you have them and sitting with me in silence when you don't. Thank you for embracing me as openly as you have embraced motherhood. Thank you for crying with me, but even more, thank you for the laughter. Thank you for showing me what women supporting women not only looks like, but feels like: Empowering, resilient, and strong. I am the mother I am, the wife I am, and the friend I am because of you, so thank you. You are the greatest friends I have ever known.

A Grateful Friend

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